Online Nutritional Counseling

In an era where diets come and go with the pounds lost and regained, healthful habits that are adopted, reinforced and encouraged are the keys to weight-management success. Through these 1-on-1 health sessions, Cultiva Fitness provides nutritional guidance and recommendations to clients who have struggled with myriad challenges, health conditions, and weight management successes and failures. In this online setting, fostering accountability with your coach, we empower clients to adopt healthful lifestyle changes while translating the latest and most pertinent nutritional knowledge into action. Cultiva Fitness designs exercise programs, provides nutrition information and ongoing support to assist clients in adhering to their weight-management programs.

If you are ready to get started, please complete the following brief application as it will help me understand who you are including your current and future goals:

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Tell me a little about yourself and your short and long term goals?

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Can you tell me why you would be a good client?

Can you tell me why you want me to be your coach?

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