Reduction In Body Fat Percentage Thought To Dramatically Reduce Risks for Chronic Illness

exercise-obesity_SS_88671487_091813-617x416It is a well known and intuitive fact that the less fat on one’s body, the healthier their present and future outcomes. For example, lean body mass is directly linked to less risk for future diabetes and heart disease. What is more recently known in the last 5 years, is that patients afflicted with arthritis – particularly rheumatoid or lupus have less inflammation in the body overall when fat is reduced especially in the area of the abdomen. There have been found to be chemical messengers of inflammation lurking around in the fat cells itself called adipokines which signal inflammation in the body relaying this inflammation to literally inflame joints. And as inflammation measured by the blood test, CRP, among other markers in the blood have been long known to cause risks for heart blockages and stroke, it is of every individual’s best interest to keep this low. This would be in theory be by staying as lean as possible and reducing the size of fat cells. Needless to say, a non inflammatory diet combined with appropriate exercise aids in achieving this.

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